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We bring out the genius in you.
We believe every single kid is a genius.

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I have discovered computer for the first when I got to the university. I became passionate about software development. Interacting with computer through programming made me feel like I had super powers.

Thanks to small jobs, I was able to offer myself the laptop of my dreams.

During a short stay with my parents, my mother, my little sister and some of my little cousins, who were present at home wanted my laptop to play or watch movies. I was very shocked by the fact that they are reducing my super dual core, 4GB of ram, 500 Gb of DDR to a toy.

I was even more worried about my little sister who made her entry into technology as a consumer. This is how the idea of creating a Genius Centers came alive.

Founder & CEO

Behind every course, there is a team of programmers, designers and teachers working in other to create the best possible learning environment. We can't wait for your kids to experience our workshops!



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