Genius Hub

Are you in charge of a school or a multimedia center?

  • Set up Genius workshops in your Establishment.
  • You will become a Genius Hub
  • You will be independent, efficient and it costs almost nothing.
  • The Workshops are in computer engineering, robotics and entrepreneurship for children aged; 4 to 17 years.


    Learning computer programming by children is no longer a fantasy, but a necessity. Children are now throwing themselves into the consumption of computer tools, while their thirst goes beyond a simple use of gadgets. It is very important to teach them how to control this technology through computer programming, is not just a matter of creating a new s ubject at school, but rather to enable children to develop basic skills on their passions and desires. Therefore, a child who likes to play video games, with Genius eLab he/she will learn how to create his/her own video game, one who loves to disassemble devices, will learn how to assemble and program robots … Beyond learning, it's also about putting them in competition with children of their age, whether they are in the same country or elsewhere in the world through challenges via networking.

    Assistance, competition and networking

    Periodically, opportunities in terms of : National competitions, International competitions, conferences and meetings will be communicated to our partners, youths and their mentors. Who can motivate them to participate.
    Those Geniuses who have implemented projects will be invited to present them at #DemoKids Which takes place once a year. It is thus time for Genius unveiled to the public and Media they realized.