Scratch Programming

What is the genius in you ?

Joining the large Scratch developer family, You will be able to develope your own video games, 2-D animations.

657 Genius

Age : 7 - 11

Price :100 EUR

Validity :
12 months

Overview of program

  • Getting Started with the Scratch Interface
  • Introduction to sprites and foundations.
  • Make the sprite to move.
  • Draw an object.
  • Make an animated character (look, effects, speech bubbles and thoughts).
  • Make the sprite to talk.
  • Advanced Concepts.
  • Event interaction.
  • Variables.
  • Lists.
  • Interaction with the webcam.
  • Create your own blocks.
  • Necessary material

    A computer (Desktop or Laptop). Internet connection of at least 1Mb/s. An audio output device (earpiece or computer speaker ).


    No prior experience

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